My Dawn

You needed to possess me.
You wanted to grab my soul away, you were always so greedy.
For so long I fought our reality. I thought I could make it right.
For so long I feared the end of us, you were my only dream.
But I am not going to lose this fight.
It’s time for me to leave you behind. I do not see the end anymore,
But only a new beginning.
It’s time for me to see a new dawn. My dawn.

Dragon Fly

When my son had only seen four summers
He spoke to me of his love for dragonflies.
I told him that I was ready to learn why.
He said ” I like how they fly, they’re free,
I wish I could fly like that.”
Then I said “use your imagination it will take you everywhere.”
And he answered, “Yes mom let’s fly together.”


I dream of having big wings that will carry me through my good times
and bad times.
I hold on to the freedom that defines me for who I am.
I embrace the passion that feeds the love that I so much crave.
I remind myself to never forget that there is light even
when I cannot see.
I imagine how beautiful it is to just feel the peace.
I breath thinking that every breath I take is a piece of my future.
I live believing that I’m never alone.
I gaze around with the knowledge that this is the life that belongs to me.

The birth of my offspring

When you came into this world I knew I had a second chance.
When I looked into your eyes I saw the universe unravel.
In that moment everything was clear to me,
You became my immensity, my reason, my light.
I took your hand and I sensed the vibration of my heart.
Our connection became alive.
The sky was blue like never before, my love was pure and intense
like never before.
The joy was overwhelming, so much happiness at ones.
The moment was perfect, so perfect.
I held you close to kiss your face and smell your skin.
I closed my eyes, I knew my life had just begun.I held my ear
next to your heart and when I heard the beat I knew I was born.


With my eyes I will capture you.
With my lips I will suffice your thirst.
With my passion I will conquer your reign.
Your fortress I will assault, there I will find you
And with no mercy I will love you.
With no mercy I will become your water in the desert.
I will take your hand, wet your lips with mine
And I will guide you to my soul.
In this battlefield a fierce warrior I will be.
With no mercy I will confront you,
And when fearless I will look into your eyes and recognize you
My shiny sword I will retrieve.
To you I will surrender and with no mercy forever I will love you.