Dragon Fly

When my son had only seen four summers
He spoke to me of his love for dragonflies.
I told him that I was ready to learn why.
He said ” I like how they fly, they’re free,
I wish I could fly like that.”
Then I said “use your imagination it will take you everywhere.”
And he answered, “Yes mom let’s fly together.”


I dream of having big wings that will carry me through my good times
and bad times.
I hold on to the freedom that defines me for who I am.
I embrace the passion that feeds the love that I so much crave.
I remind myself to never forget that there is light even
when I cannot see.
I imagine how beautiful it is to just feel the peace.
I breath thinking that every breath I take is a piece of my future.
I live believing that I’m never alone.
I gaze around with the knowledge that this is the life that belongs to me.