I’m fearless like a tiger
I’m beautiful like the moon
My passion is endless like the ocean
My strength is ferocious like a warrior
I sparkle like a firecracker
My love is sharp
I’m bright like the sun
My laughter is like thunder
My soul is like a burning fire
I am the beating heart of this universe
I am……woman


With my eyes I will capture you.
With my lips I will suffice your thirst.
With my passion I will conquer your reign.
Your fortress I will assault, there I will find you
And with no mercy I will love you.
With no mercy I will become your water in the desert.
I will take your hand, wet your lips with mine
And I will guide you to my soul.
In this battlefield a fierce warrior I will be.
With no mercy I will confront you,
And when fearless I will look into your eyes and recognize you
My shiny sword I will retrieve.
To you I will surrender and with no mercy forever I will love you.