I’m fearless like a tiger
I’m beautiful like the moon
My passion is endless like the ocean
My strength is ferocious like a warrior
I sparkle like a firecracker
My love is sharp
I’m bright like the sun
My laughter is like thunder
My soul is like a burning fire
I am the beating heart of this universe
I am……woman

Cruel Distance

Need to possess you,
when I close my eyes I feel your breath covering every inch of my body.
Haven’t heard the sound of your voice yet but I can hear you speak.
This burning flame is taking over me ,don’t want to lose this feeling.
Keep helping myself to ease the pain.
Oh, come on and let me have it. Don’t know how much longer can control the flame.
This distance is my cruel enemy.

My Dawn

You needed to possess me.
You wanted to grab my soul away, you were always so greedy.
For so long I fought our reality. I thought I could make it right.
For so long I feared the end of us, you were my only dream.
But I am not going to lose this fight.
It’s time for me to leave you behind. I do not see the end anymore,
But only a new beginning.
It’s time for me to see a new dawn. My dawn.

Dragon Fly

When my son had only seen four summers
He spoke to me of his love for dragonflies.
I told him that I was ready to learn why.
He said ” I like how they fly, they’re free,
I wish I could fly like that.”
Then I said “use your imagination it will take you everywhere.”
And he answered, “Yes mom let’s fly together.”